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HEB - Someplace Specific: Houston, TX
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Total: $8.62

Total does not include tax.



Qty.: 1 lb (Edit)
Unit price: $0.67/lb
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Qty.: 2 cartons (Edit)
Unit price: $1.18/carton of a dozen large eggs
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Lasagna shell
Qty.: 2 boxes (Edit)
Unit price: $0.98/box
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Ricotta cheese
Qty.: 1 container (Edit)
Unit price: $1.75/container
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Qty.: 1 lb (Edit)
Unit price: $0.49/lb
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Qty.: 1 lb (Edit)
Unit price: $0.89/lb
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Red onions
Qty.: 1 onion (Edit)
Unit price: $0.50/onion
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